Do you know why you are here?

God loves all of us so much He came down to earth to teach us about Himself and His plans for us to live with Him forever in Heaven. He came to rescue us from Satan’s lies and temptations that lead us astray. He died for our sake, so we do not have to live in misery but with unending love and happiness.



We tend to think of our journey just for our lifetime now, here on this earth. But that is a serious mistake because we have been on the journey God has planned for us. It is not about our plan, but His plan for us, that we need to be concerned about. His plan for us started before the earth was made. God knew us before the earth we are on even existed. Science tells us the earth was probably formed with a big bang over 5 billion years ago.

God created our spirits destined to become human beings, before creating the earth. Adam and Eve fouled up God’s original plan for us to live here in Paradise. His new plan includes suffering and death because of sins that are offensive to God. Satan instigated all the worldly problems, suffering, weeping, and death. God’s plan for us lasts for eternity, but the plan we may seem to be on now is over in a few years. Even 100 years, is nothing in terms of God’s plan for us to come. We started our journey over 5 billion years ago, and our life today is brief compared to our lives to come forever with God in Heaven.

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