Flight to Heaven

Captain Dale Black died in a plane crash when he was a 19-year-old kid getting his twin-engine pilot training atDirections to Hampton Inn Los Angeles Burbank hotel the Burbank, California airport. They took off on half the runway but the plane sputtered lost power and crashed near the top of the memorial called “Portal of the Folded Wings Shrine to  Aviation”. His body was crushed on impact with the monument along with his two instructor pilots who died instantly. He recovered after a year in a nearby hospital and resumed his flying career.

Flight To Heaven is a beautifully written and amazing account of life, death – and life again. In the early days of his flying career, Capt. Dale Black was a passenger in a horrific airplane crash which some have called the most ironic in aviation history. He was the only survivor. In the gruesome aftermath of the crash Dale experienced a life-changing journey to heaven. This was not a vision or a dream, but a very real experience. To say that his journey to heaven transformed him forever, is an understatement. Not only was Dale’s life forever altered but his story has already changed the lives of tens of thousands.

In this captivating book you’ll learn about angelic guides, living Light, and indescribable music from the astonishing city of gold. Dale describes the luxurious countryside, the massive rainbow colored wall with gates of pearl, the awesome townships and the spiritual family that welcomed him. He shares with intricate detail the glorious beauty, radiant colors, intoxicating aromas, and boundless love and joy he experienced while in heaven.

To those who have lost loved ones, this book is a source of deep comfort. It also gives readers renewed purpose and glorious hope for the future. This story is full of challenges and struggles that culminate in “overcoming faith” guaranteed to inspire. This flight to heaven dramatically changed Dale’s life – reading this book could change yours too.

Flight to Heaven: A Plane Crash…A Lone Survivor…A Journey to Heaven–and Back Paperback – Illustrated, May 1, 2010 by Dale Black (Author)

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