Great Catholic Preaching

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How can they come to believe without great preachers?

John Chapter 14 is so very IMPORTANT to your life now and Forever.

A Promise from Christ Himself!

Do You Know any Great Preachers?

Okay, I’ll try to Pick a Great Preacher for you – Listen up ya all as they say in the South!

“Turning to the Lord who Comes to Judge the Earth”

In the sermon above, the Church puts before us lessons on the “first two” of the last things, death, and judgment before the end of the world as we know it. The lesson is for us to prepare well for it and to prepare correctly. We must be Baptized. We must know God, repent, love Him above all things and love our neighbor as ourselves. If there is any anger or hatred in our lives we must forgive and repent of these things. We must prepare as true Christians for us all, to be in the Kindom of God soon, for some perhaps in the very near future!

Don Piper’s True Story of Death and then Life, he speaks about this so eloquently in his book, 90 Minutes in Heaven why we must all be prepared because we do not know when we will die. We will face Our Lord and the final judgment that will come for everyone at this time. Don died in a horrific head-on crash with an 18 wheeler on an old 2-lane highway bridge NE of Houston, Texas in January 1989. Somehow they put his broken crushed body back together again for him to live so he could tell his passionate story to the world. Read about him – Watch his movie; it is so sad what happened to him, but his story will enlighten the hearts of anyone who reads about him. You must NEVER forget to be prepared for death at any time as he will tell you. Watch the trailer of Don Piper’s Movie 90 Minutes in Heaven.

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