Know Your Enemy

I am attaching one of Dale’s great messages that will help a person who is suffering from the burdens of their sins. Confess them Now, ask God with the deepest most profound manner to please forgive me Lord, please have mercy upon my soul.

What is the greatest threat to the Church?
What is the greatest threat to our nation, to the world, and to humanity?

You may be surprised to learn that the greatest threat in Bible times, in recent world history, and the greatest threat now… is all the same. This video will explain who and what the threat is and what the promises of God are that will help carry you through.

God has a plan that He tells us about in Revelation and we must be prepared to go through it faithfully. If we do, He offers protection and strength to those who maintain their trust in Him.

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Know Your Enemy.  With God nothing is impossible!

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