Our Life Before, Now and After life on Earth

We need to get a better understanding of life before we were born and after we pass-away. This topic is extremely important to learn in simple terms, that we existed before we were born, and we will never die (only the body dies). True, we live on the earth may be, for 100 years, but that is nothing compared to the time we lived before being born or after our spirit leaves our body when we leave this earth.

No matter what your belief, you, and everyone else will leave this earthly valley of tears, to long never-ending happiness in paradise, or one’s doom for persistent evildoers. This will happen almost before we know it for airline pilots, plumbers, truck drivers, construction works, doctors, nurses, housewives, and everyone else.

We were a spirit before living on earth. God’s plan was for us to become a human being when we were born. God wanted more than angels and spirits in heaven. He wanted us to be a human being with both a spirit and a physical body. That never existed in Heaven before so God created the earth and then man. Read about this man and woman, our first parents Adam and Eve that He created in Genesis.

I believe God’s original plan for us was to live in paradise like He created on earth for Adam and Eve. We read about it in Genesis. Eve allowed Satan to tempt her and do what God had forbidden. Because of this first sin or offense against God, we all must suffer and die. Why because God evidently changed the DNA in Adam and Eve, so they were weakened individuals suspectable to disease, sin, and certain death for the body. God allows Satan to tempt us as well, to test us! He wants to know who we genuinely love God or the evil temptations in the world, the flesh, and the devil (Satan).

The world seems so wonderful we tend to be lured down the path Satan and his evil spirits layout for us. The first murder was Cain killing his very own brother Able. Today murder is so common it’s unbelievable how easily we can fall into anger, rage, and murder. It begins to happen when we become angry with someone. Something happens, and we tend to allow this to escalate into a simmering rage that possibly leads to murder. We must learn to control our anger; an old saying was to never let the sun go down with such anger in our hearts.
Pray and ask God to help us when these things occur. No matter how saintly we are, there will be times when we get angry at something or someone. God understands these things and wants to save us from such evil.

God’s plan is not our plan. God does what he wants to do and so he requires us to suffer and die for our sins because of our parents’ sin. We are all sinners. God has known this before we ever commit a sin. Remember sin is simply an offense against God. God is our father, he created us for himself. It’s not much different than human fathers wanting their child to behave.

When the child misbehaved, there must be consequences. Very often the human father is so weakened with drugs, alcohol, pornography, or other sins he tends to lead his children down evil pathways in life. They become sinners like him and may end up losing their souls. Satan is ever watchful for those who fail to live righteous lives and he intends to destroy them. The only way we can guard against evil is to pray, asking God’s forgiveness and blessings for eternal life with Him.

I think we need to know when we die nothing really happens to us except our spirit leaves our body. After death, we are still very much alive just like we are right now, except the tired worn-out body is gone. We leave our body behind temporarily until God raises us on the last day of judgment.

Many of us struggle to understand the meaning of life. We have to think about it in God’s terms what God has planned for us. He is taking care of us before we were born, during our life on earth, and our life after we leave our body and pass into the next world.

This is our journey in our life now and forever. We were created by God an exceptionally long time ago. We are put to the test for a few short years on this earth for God to determine if we love him and others as he requires. Life on earth is a test for us to enter into heaven to be with God forever. He made us like Himself. It is not about us becoming rich, famous, or powerful with an earthly mansion on this earth, but rather learning how God intends for us to live now and with him forever. This is the most important thing we can ever learn to do in this life. It determines our salvation and where we will live, either with God in the home He has created for us in paradise or that incredibly horrible place that Satan has planned for us.

We only live a brief period while on this earth. It is a test between love and hate, good and evil. Therefore, become a kind loving person. Be sure to learn more about God and his plan for each one of us. We need to realize we are incredibly special in God’s eyes and he loves us dearly. In fact, he loves us so much he came down to earth and died for us. That is how much he cares about each and every one of us.

We must learn to love rather than hate. Hatred evolves into other grave offenses against God. We can learn to avoid this by asking God to forgive us, to help us be truly sorry, and to avoid those sins in the future.
God knows everything and he knows how Satan tempts us. Satan is doing that because he hates God so much. It is the only way he can hurt God is by leading us astray. God is giving us earthly tools in the form of sacraments or covenants to help avoid sin and to confess those sins. He gives us more help or grace when we go to confess our sinful behavior.

To summarize we need to realize life on earth is short and we have to learn about God and his plan for us. We must not fail this test otherwise we may be destined for eternal suffering in a place God created for those who hate him.

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