Anger & Hatred

Anger & Hatred leads to unhappiness now and eventually forever unless a person is willing to FORGIVE. It is a path many choose to follow but there is a better way and that is Forgiveness, Kindness, and Love.


Frequently, we are faced with this choice, such as driving down the freeway and someone cuts you off. Immediately you are MAD as can be; you hate this, you may hate the driver for being so rude. You learn to hate others in similar ways instead of learning how to DISLIKE them rather than HATE what they do.

Never hate the person, a person God loves because He created that person, too. God doesn’t hate anyone, He just despises and hates the evil that people do. We must learn to forgive and love if we want to be happy now and yes forevermore! We never die, only the body dies temporarily because Jesus said we would all rise again on Judgment Day. We never lose our personality, character, memory, or consciousness – it never dies, as it is part of our spirit that lives forever.

After the Judgment, our Spirit and Body will be combined again much like today, but our bodies will probably be like a 30-year-old perfect with no deformities, aches, or pains. It will truly be wonderful since we will never again die and we will live forever with a perfect body in peace and happiness.

Unhappiness and hate arise many times when drugs and drunkenness are culprits. You have seen people all your life who are just plain wonderful, but as soon as they get high on drugs or liquor they turn into some kind of animal that we reject at once. A wife with a husband may make such a delightful couple, but as soon as he’s drunk she hates him, rather than disliking him and hating what he does.

It leads to broken families and homes constantly. It has happened to me and I regret anything I’ve said or did with my brother. Basically, I told him once when he was drunk to go to hell over his antagonism and belligerence over where a basketball hoop was installed. I told him that I’d move it as soon as I could, but that wasn’t good enough for him. He continued to badger me about it and I just wouldn’t take that anymore. As a result, he never spoke to me again.

He died of cancer soon after without an apology, but I do hope and pray he asked God to forgive in his heart. Otherwise, Salvation can be at stake, which would be so tragic. I always loved my brother; he was normally such a wonderful likable person. I just despised his drunkenness. I loved him dearly then and now! I hope and pray God has intervened and we will be together in Heaven.

I wanted him to let me call a priest before he died to receive the sacrament of “anointing the sick”, but he refused. He was a baptized fallen-away Catholic who stopped going to church. So this has been deeply troubling for me ever since. Perhaps my own personal story can help others avoid Anger & Hatred.

Therefore, I want many others to know how they can be helped, just go to the Catholic Mass the church has annually for “anointing the sick”, The only thing you need to do is be truly sorry for your sins and stand in the line for those receiving the sacrament. You don’t have to ask for anything, just hold out the palms of both hands for the priest to anoint – he says a short prayer and makes the sign of the cross on each palm and your forehead. That’s it! All sins are forgiven and if you die that day you will go directly to heaven. This sacrament is extremely powerful because God doesn’t want anyone to live in misery in Hell forever. God performs miracles for the body but also for our spirit. If our spirit (or the body) is sick God will heal everyone who asks and who receives the sacrament “anointing the sick”

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