Messages from Heaven

Capt. Dale Black is such a wonderful man you must get to know him better, take a good look at his YouTube video “Messages from Heaven”. He is a retired airline pilot in his 70s, but even more important he is a messenger from God who can help us be happy forever. When he was a young kid 19 years old his ambition was to fly – the big jets. He was already a student pilot and was continuing his flight training on twin-engine planes with an instructor pilot.

See Pilot’s true story. A plane crash…a lone survivor, a journey to heaven and back. Flight to Heaven

Learning to fly is like any other tedious difficult step-by-step process to become a pilot, doctor, teacher, etc. First, you learn to solo fly alone and become a student pilot, second, you can start to learn to fly twin-engine planes, third you must learn how to fly in and around weather, at night, and do extensive simulator and flight instrument training.

Then, you can start riding along at least in the cockpit to learn to fly the big jets. Much of that is done in the simulator because it is okay to crash your plane in the simulator, but it is NOT when airborne. The training you have to this point means you can get a job perhaps as a third or second officer with an airline.

But this is a message of a different nature. It is the trip we are on to the destiny God has prepared for us. This life on earth is very short, even 100 years old is like snapping your finger compared to how long we are really going to live in the next world with God. He made us like himself as glorified human beings, with a spirit, soul, and body that He designed for himself to enjoy, and He wants to share that with us.

If you’d like to know what our glorified bodies will look like you can get an idea through the Transfiguration of Jesus, where Jesus, Peter, John, and James went up to the mountain and Jesus transfigured himself. Then, Moses and Elijah appeared – but these men had been dead for years and you can see them here in their glorified bodies and human form very much alive. We will also be alive forever with our glorified (perfect) bodies and enjoy a wonderful relationship that God has prepared for us.

But He first made our spirit before the world was made. He decided then we would eventually become human beings. Lucifer, His highest angel started fighting with God and fell into a place God made especially for him – Hell! He tempted one-third of the angels in heaven to follow him and they were all thrust into the fires of hell forever. God must have been very unhappy at the loss of Lucifer and so many of his angels, so He replaced them with us.

First creating our spirit and then much later our physical human body at birth. God made us for His own pleasure, and He intends for us human beings to live with Him forever. Our destiny is NOT on this earth, not yet, read in Revelation. We will be back here after God has destroyed all evil. Then we will live in the “New Heaven and New Earth” forever. This earthly life is a brief test God has made for us to find out if we LOVE Him. If we know God, we will LOVE Him above all things. We learn about Him mostly in the Bible and through the Church.

God is almighty, He is all-powerful, and He is everywhere, even inside our bodies, especially inside our hearts. He knows all things including every thought that has ever crossed our minds, so we cannot hide from him if we are inclined to do evil. This is our greatest problem in this life, doing good and then evil temptations creep into our minds.

Sometimes, with some people, temptation creeps in and it begins to take over that person’s spirit with anger, hatred, and evil that becomes overwhelming and dominates that person. Have you noticed many of these mass murderers? Looking at Vladimir Putin would be another example, on the outside he looked okay, but his inside has turned to anger, hatred, rage, and even killing thousands of innocent people. It can become a downward spiral leading to misery and agony with Satan for eternity.

Satan is trying to show us a pathway that appears joyful, fun, and wonderful but leads the spirit to our doom, and he does it in subtle ways. So we must be careful. When we do offend God, we must quickly confess and ask God to forgive and have mercy on us. Catholics know they must confess these sins to one of God’s earthly representatives we call Priests and Bishops.

If you do sin and offend God, you must confess immediately in private directly to God because none of us know the instant we will die; our death could be today, in the next hour, or even a minute. If we die with serious sin on our souls, we could spend our life in eternal misery without God, our families, and our friends. We will be alone in hell without God and without anything including our loved ones with incredible pain, agony, or any hope that it will ever go away – we can end up in a world full of anger, hatred, and unending suffering.

The world changed dramatically after the fall of Adam and Eve in the “Garden of Eden. It was God’s plan for us, in the beginning, to live in paradise, but they disobeyed God and caused them and us struggles in life as we know it and eventual death. Sin, the offenses against God leads us to our problems and difficulties in life on earth and our own death.

But our death is not death at all, we just do NOT DIE (only our body dies). Death of the body is only our spirit leaving the worn-out broken-down body by itself to rot and turn back into dust. Don’t worry God knows what He is doing. God will resurrect our body along with everyone else’s who ever lived on this earth on the Last Day or Final Judgement.

He is Almighty and can do all things and this is one of the things He will do in an instant on the Last Day is to resurrect and reunify our body with our soul and spirit again. We are going to have a perfect glorified body, a body just as we know it today but without any physical deformities, it will be a perfect body that will last without end. It will never grow old. It will never die, and it will always be happy without any of the dangers and evil temptations of Satan. He and all evildoers will be cast into eternal fire separated from us and God forever on this Last Day of Final Judgement.

Our creation, our birth, and our death towards the next life and Final Judgment is a journey that takes us through the greatest of dangers. These are not just physical dangers, but dangers to our souls and spirit. We can lose our spirit and soul forever and then be in constant misery for eternity. Our biggest challenge in this life on earth is to save our souls and spirits and that is what Capt. Dale Black is an expert at doing.

Dale as a teenager was already on his third step of learning to fly twin-engine planes. He was on the journey of his dreams as a young man, but things quickly changed one morning at the Burbank, California airport. He arrived early to pre-flight the twin-engine plane they were going to use for a long cross-country training flight around California.

Dale did the walk-around of the plane, checked out the fight plan, and had the plane ready to start for an early take-off. His instructor pilot and another pilot Chuck arrived and jumped into the plane. Dale was going to train in the “right” seat, the experienced instructor pilot in the “left” seat, and Chuck was in the “jump” seat. As they started to taxi out for takeoff, Chuck tapped Dale on the shoulder and had him switch seats.

They taxied out midway on the runway (they didn’t need all the runway for this plane’s weight and capability to fly quickly). The engines on the plane seemed normal, they got clearance to fly, and everything was ready for takeout. They applied full power and started the takeoff roll down the runway. Dale was in the third seat behind the two pilots flying, but the plane seemed to sputter and lose power during the takeoff. They rotated and were off the ground but for some reason, it was climbing too slowly.

At the end of the runway in Burbank is “The Portal of the Folded Wings Shrine to Aviation which is 75 feet tall and was built to honor early pilots who are deceased. Their plane never made it! It crashed a few feet from the top of the monument. It fell to the ground completely broken into bits including the smashed-up bodies of Dale and the two pilots. Click here to read this story about the monument and the crash Dale experienced as a 19-year-old teen student multi-engine rated pilot. They all died instantly in the crash, but Chuck and Dale were rushed to the hospital nearby with hopes to recover their lives. You must look at Capt. Dale Black’s book “Visiting Heaven” – it’s wonderful.

Chuck never made it. Dale miraculously recovered after being in a coma for 3 days from multiple injuries. He was in terrible pain and his suffering was extensive, but his dream to fly and get his multi-engine plane certification never stopped. He got into a multi-engine plane and continued his flight training 12 months after the crash.

It is a great story of his constant determination to become an experienced big jet pilot. He went on to fly for TWA and later 747s for United Airlines until he retired. Commercial airline pilots have to retire at 65 years old and Capt. Black is in his 70s. He also owned his own aviation business and flew all over the world in his Lear jet delivering bibles to non-believers as his compulsion was to save souls for the honor and glory of God.

Dale’s life was changed from an eager young hot-rod-type teen into a mature adult in an instant from the crash. His life would never be the same because he experienced a little about how wonderful heaven will be for us all. It seems all he ever wanted to do after that besides flying was to work saving souls. You must read his book, Flight to Heaven. It tells a lot about our journeys from this life to the next.

During Dale’s life, his thoughts were focused on two things, flight in the big jets, and more importantly on our flight to heaven. He wanted us all to know the beauty and importance of heaven and our life to come. We must do what’s right on this earth and be prepared for death at any moment – we do not know when we are going to die, it might be today.

We must be baptized to be in the family of God. Then, we must confess our sins and ask God for mercy. There is great danger Satan will tempt us to do wrong and we lose our souls, and the life God has prepared for us all. Confess them Now, ask God in the deepest most profound manner to please forgive me Lord, please have mercy upon my soul.

To learn more about Dale and his testimony, and to watch his videos, visit his website at: or the YouTube video Discovering Heaven“.

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