The Jesus and His Divine Covenants

Father Chris Alar, MIC from the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy in Stockbridge, Massachusetts

He is one of the most persuasive likable speakers of the Catholic Faith. He explains how the Bible, Tradition, and the Magisterium make up Catholic teaching in this common-sense exciting video. He can also help one know, how the Word of God was fashioned into the Bible starting early in church history and pretty much completed by the fourth century.

The Bible is the Word of God, yet it is only a part of covenant history since Adam and Eve. Covenants are absolute promises from Jesus the Son of God. Father Alar explains many of the covenants from the beginning of the world we live in a way that is especially important. Hopefully, you will find this video easy to understand more about Jesus and His Church.

I recently found the website for The National Shrine of Divine Mercy to provide a lot of information on the Mariam Fathers of Divine Mercy where they are located, when to visit the shrine, and some video links about Catholicism

Covenant History of God and the Bible

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