The Body and Spirit

The Body and Spirit are two separate things. The physical body is like a house that the spirit’s body lives in from birth until the physical body’s death. Our body’s life comes from the spirit; without it the body is lifeless or dead. The spirit lives inside the body; and it gives the body life. When we die, all that happens is the spirit leaves the body. But we are still alive in our spirit body and will be forever. God made us LIKE Him, so our spirit’s body is just like God’s except we are not God.

When we become a human being at birth our spiritual life enters the human body. As human beings we have a body and a separate distinct spirit that constitutes who we are. The body is just a frame like the frame of the house and our spirit body is living inside our house with our physical body. We become a human-being at birth.

The death we must undergo once is due to sin. However, God’s plan for us is to be with Him as a “human being” forever. Therefore, we are on a journey that started when God created our spirit, through this life on earth and into the next life God has in store for us.

Now when we die the body doesn’t feel anything anymore. It would be like cutting off your finger accidentally and tossing it away. The finger would no longer have any feeling or life in it. Life comes from the spirit that lives inside of the body; it makes the body function.

We know that if you take a hammer and smash that cut off finger that it’s not going to hurt as it doesn’t have any life in it. When we die you can take a hammer and smash your arm or your leg or your head with a hammer and it’s not going to hurt because the body no longer has any life in it. The spirit has gone just like with the cutoff finger it doesn’t have any life in it.

Many people who have had near death experiences (NDE) say they feel just like they always did with their spirit body. They can’t even tell the difference between their actual body and the spirit’s body. Your spirit body still looks like you when it was in the physical body. You never die, you only change forms.

Ultimately on the Last Day or Final Judgement God brings back the physical body of everyone who ever lived on earth. On that day we will finally have a physical body with our spirit again; its actually much like being born when the spirit enters the physical body. In a way we have two bodies, a physical one and a spirit body and together we are a human-being.

The transfiguration of Jesus when John, James, and Peter went up the mountain Jesus configured himself like He is in Heaven. His figure was brighter than the sun and He frightened them. We learn a lot from this because Moses and Elijah also appeared but these two guys had been dead for a long time. The transfiguration proves we have eternal life and gives us an idea of what we will look like in heaven. We will look like ourselves but we will not have any flaws, we will have youthful perfect bodies. Moses and Elijah appeared during the transfiguration, and they looked like Moses and Elijah did when they were alive on earth. Peter recognized them and wanted to make them a tent to be in with them.

We know more about Jesus and his death on the cross and his resurrection 3 days later. No human being can ever raise himself from the dead, but Jesus can do that because He is the Son of God and is all powerful, He is Almighty and He has promised us by his resurrection that we too will rise from the dead, meaning we will get our physical bodies back.

This means that on the last day and final judgment God in his Almighty power will raise everyone’s body back to life with our spirits. It is said that we will look like we looked in our prime, meaning around 30 years old. We will not have any blemishes or imperfections or aches and pains with this body God has given us during our Resurrection from the dead. We are still very much alive before the resurrection as our spirit never dies. Our spirit did not die when our body died. Our spirit is still alive, it is just on a journey that our Almighty God and Heavenly Father has planned for our journey to be with them.

We must never forget the gift of life that God has given us is such a marvelous being. God created our spirit before the Earth was made and He knew our name. He made us for his own pleasure, and we are like him. That doesn’t mean we are God, but we are like God and will never die. Just because we have to die on this Earth doesn’t mean we have lost anything except temporarily a broken-down worn-out body. In many ways it’s a good thing to get rid of that sick aching body. Sure, we will be missed and that is painful, but we still exist, and we will eventually be with our loved ones again. We are just on a journey to a much better life that will never pass away.

Many wonder why we have to suffer so much during our life. We lose loved ones. Many lose limbs, others blind or deaf. Why does God allow us to suffer such painful lives? The reason is offenses against God – our sins. We will have to pay for all our evil ways. Satan and sin are the cause of all kinds of problems, but we rarely understand how. Satan tempts us to sin and enough people doing evil is the cause of war; just like the Ukraine war. Putin undoubtedly is obsessed with Satan. Satan has convinced Putin to start that war and kill as many Ukrainians as it takes to win. Putin doesn’t mind killing 400,000 young Russian men either, just so he wins the war.

I hope this makes a little bit of commonsense, so we need not have any fear. God has told us not to fear because; He is with us. He loves us dearly. He suffered and died for us. He is taking care of all of this, and we have nothing to fear no matter what our medical problems are today we will be fine. It’s God’s plan for us and he knows what he’s doing so don’t fear.

The only thing we must do is REPENT and to love God above all things. When we do anything wrong ask God to please forgive you and go to confession as soon as you can. Catholics call Confession Reconciliation today. It is one of the seven sacraments and offers many more blessings than just trying to ask for forgiveness on your own. Being deeply sorry for all your sins and a resolution to avoid them in the future is imperative. May God have mercy upon us all.

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