The Holy Spirit

Divine Mercy Daily: Daily reflections from the Diary of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska

Help Us to Reach Lukewarm and Indifferent Sinners

God is so Good to us, and He is so Real.
He is teaching us in hundreds of ways
To Listen to His Heart Crying out to Our Hearts.

“The proof that you are sons is that God has sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts: the Spirit that cries, ‘Abba, Father’” (Gal 4:6).

Jesus means what He says. Understand and follow His
Divine Plan before it is too late for you and your family.
He tells us in this verse just how important we are to Him.
It breaks His Heart to see anyone try to live their life alone
without Him. He has proven how much He loves us when He
gave His life for us 2000 years ago on the Cross. He continues
to prove over and over again in numerous ways and prophetic Words like He tells to
Saint Faustina.

Tell sinners that no one shall escape My Hand; if they run away from My Merciful Heart, they will fall into My Just Hands. Tell sinners that I am always waiting for them, that I listen intently to the beating of their heart … when will it beat for Me? Write, that I am speaking to them through their remorse of conscience, through their failures and sufferings, through thunderstorms, through the voice of the Church. And if they bring all My graces to naught, I begin to be angry with them, leaving them alone and giving them what they want (Diary, 1728).

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Saint Faustina’s Prayer Response:
Lord Jesus, since no one can escape Your hand, teach us and help us to reach sinners with the good news of Your hand of mercy rather than Your hand of justice. Help us to reach the world desperately in need of Your mercy.

We must have the merciful hand of our Lord! Without it, Jesus tells us we will receive the hand of His Justice. We will literally condemn ourselves to eternal unhappiness, misery, and death for our soul unless we wake up, make sure we are baptized, repent, obey the Lord and constantly try to become a better person.

God does most of the work always sending us graces (blessings) and help all the time, but He expects us to know and love Him above all things and to love our neighbor as ourselves. We seldom think about it, but God is in us, within our hearts, and in every single one of the 100 trillion cells in our body. He keeps us alive! We couldn’t even breathe without Him, so we must thank Him, adore and praise Him now and forever.

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