Who is Jesus & how can He change my life?

This beautiful picture of Jesus Christ is like no other beauty on earth. The love in His eyes and His heart invites us to come to be with Him for all time. Come receive His Body and Blood during the Catholic Mass often, but first, repent and be truly sorry for sins committed. Receive His Divine heart and nature into your own heart. He invites us to abide in Him a mystery impossible for the human mind to understand. Remember He is God, and He can do what He wants. He can actually be in us and we in Him as a perfect gift so we can be together now on earth and in Heaven with Him without end.

God created us to be like Him. He wants us to know Him and love Him for eternity. Not only does He want to be our friend and closest companion, but He offers His Divine love and wants our love in return. He is like human fathers who love their children. A father will die for his children because he loves every one of them. Our Heavenly Father loves us so much He came and died a horrible death on the cross for our misdeeds.

Why would God send His only Son Jesus to earth to die for our sins? Simply He loves us so much that He doesn’t want us to lose our lives and souls to Satan and his wicked ways. It hurts God deeply when we continue to live a life that offends Him. He came to earth to teach us how to live. He suffered intensely.

His agony in the garden was so great he sweats blood looking at all the evil happening in the world. Soon after He was falsely accused and condemned to die in the most horrible unimaginable way on the cross for the sake of our sins. He hung their naked deeply humiliated on the cross for hours until his wounded human body could no longer take it. He died at 3 o’clock, was buried and three days later He arose from the dead.

He loves us so dearly He has even given us a pathway for our journey to our own resurrection from the dead. When we die, we are still very much alive. There is only a separation of our spirit and nature from our body. Just like Jesus, our body dies sooner or later and on the last day, Jesus and His Almighty power will call all the dead back to life to be rejoined as human beings again.

On this Last Day, He will separate the evil ones and send them off to their just doom for eternity. They will never again hurt anyone of God’s children. We are His children, and He loves us so much, but now He has given us a wonderful life with no problems or evil of any kind that will never end. Think of it as like the Garden of Eden that God had prepared for Adam and Eve. He has restored that earthly and heavenly paradise that He had planned all along for us to enjoy with Him forever.

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